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1. Structures and Features

MTR and the rod end, the ball made contact with the spherical structure housing at the ball with great tensile breaking load allowable load has allowed through, and the tilt angle allows larger ball bearings auto Haruka carved from the heart-shaped sphere Sliding bearing.

2. Format

The lubrication system, free refuel refueling series and the series.

Refueling series 2-1

The ball between the housing and insert a copper-alloy inserts and attached GURISUNIPPURU, lubricating oil, lubricating grease for any support as is possible. Screw you type park with a screw type, screw-right, left screws can be co-produced.

Non-stop series 2-2

Teflon bore in the housing and insert the ball and made contact with Teflon, to make solid lubricant.
You do not need to refuel in order to eliminate the need for routine maintenance is increasing demand.
Screw you type park with a screw type, screw-right, left screws can be co-produced.
Also, no screw type (round-shaped rod end) are for.

3. Material

Ball 3-1

1. Standard products, with high carbon chrome bearing SUJ2 hardening steel and tempering, the hardness is used as more than RC58.
2. If the corrosion resistance is required, stainless steel and heat treatment SUS440C, as more advanced uses HRC56.
3. As a special use, impact resistance if it is required to SCM415 chrome molybdenum steel and carburizing quenching can be used.

3-2 Housing (with a screw-type)

1. Standard products, S35C carbon steel for construction use.
2. If the corrosion resistance is required, using stainless steel SUS303.
3. The request will be impact-resistant case, checking the quality chrome molybdenum steel SCM415, also it is possible to use.

3-3 outer race (round-shaped rod end)

1. Using or SUS403 to S35C.

4. Surface Treatment

Ball 4-1

Improve the appearance and value, hard to improve the corrosion resistance of chrome-plating can be performed

Housing 4-2

After zinc chromate plating process is conducted.

5. Inserts (solid lubricant)

Refueling series 5-1

Copper alloy (C2700), insert the metal, oil or grease lubrication GURISUNIPPURU from the structure.

Non-stop series 5-2

Fillers FUSSO special resin blend of strength and flexibility of a composite material of bronze mesh Teflon (TFE) is inserted.
Can be fully used for a long time with no fuel, low-friction, with superior resistance to creep characteristics of load, -50 ℃ ~ +120 ℃ features and scope that can be used to be.

6. Other

Meter size 6-1 is the standard products, as product orders can be made into inch size.

Meter size standard products, but as a product-inch size orders can be produced.

6-2 Opening (Type)

Consider the terms and conditions for customers, and radial clearance, co-axial clearance, in a variety of sizes are available.

Going 6-3 rotation, rotation starting torque, torque fluctuation

Consider the terms and conditions for customers, and a variety of weight, size can be designed to support, and special consideration in terms of production.

Increasing intensity type 6-4

1. Rod Round HOUSING end to the injection, the tensile breaking strength was increased measures are made. (DRF、DRM) (DRF, DRM)
2. By customer request, only one side of housing measures to increase the strength of caulking that is also produced.

SABUASSHI special items 6-5

By the needs of customers, mainly as a rod-end automotive parts and components and other products set to make a special SABUASSHI.

Quality assurance system 6-6

To build a quality management system, ISO9001: 2000 certification in 2004, was acquired on June 25.
Therefore, in terms of product quality We apologize for the inconvenience to customers that are not convinced.


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